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Thinsmiths by trade, professionals by nature

Pre-painted Galvalume® steel and copper, our rain gutters fit all architectural styles and budgets. Designed by professionals and backed by the expertise acquired during more than 60 years in business, Primeau’s products deliver at all levels: quality, durability and aesthetics.

Our Galvalume® steel rain gutters are made of the toughest material available and coated with an alloy of exceptional properties, while the long-lasting copper rain gutters add a rich look to any building.

When you deal with us, you deal with a reliable team of professionals, able to guarantee the highest quality of service, product, and installation on the market. With us, your investment is justified.


Quality. Durability. Performance.
Hi-Bak® products have been designed and manufactured with the Canadian homeowner in mind.
Hi-Bak® is our signature product, demonstrating over 60 years of accumulated knowledge & experience in tinsmithing, rain gutters, & related accessories.
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