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Installations Made for the Canadian Climate

Protect your house with the best rain gutters

And the best after-sales services

We know that every house is different

We also know that your house is the one that you love the most.

That’s why the Primeau specialists, tinsmiths by trade, take into account many criteria before suggesting a solution for your property. Landscape design and slope, water drainage, roof state and inclination, tree coverage and proper ventilation are just a few factors that have to be gauged before proceeding with an installation.

We offer a wide range of rain gutter solutions meeting all the needs to ensure your house is well protected and preserves its market value. Hi-Bak® and J-Style® eavestroughs, leaf screens, Primair® soffits and fascias are just a few of the products we offer, all with a proven track record.

More than that, we are one of very few manufacturers who produce Galvalume steel eavestroughs, that never crack, resist stains, flaking, corrosion, are not-flammable and are available in many colors.


Quality. Durability. Performance.
Hi-Bak® products have been designed and manufactured with the Canadian homeowner in mind.
Hi-Bak® is our signature product, demonstrating over 60 years of accumulated knowledge & experience in tinsmithing, rain gutters, & related accessories.
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